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знаки зодиака 2010 [02 Feb 2011|11:46pm]

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[15 Jun 2008|02:31pm]
Where's this community?

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[12 Feb 2006|02:00am]
и неебёт,пиндосы сраные!
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Support Our Troops [18 Aug 2005|06:17pm]


A campaign:

Faded Ribbons for Peace.

Please feel free to comment & leave feedback - Thanks!

(X Posted - trying to spread the word grass-root like)

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[11 Apr 2005|12:59pm]

this group is becoming alot less funny
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[21 Sep 2004|04:40pm]

Anyone know where today's video of Jack Hemsley being beheaded can be found?
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Bushwhacked! [06 Aug 2004|12:38pm]

MoveOnPlease.org: Democracy Inaction presents Bushwhacked in 30 Seconds.

Bushwhacked in 30 Seconds is an ad contest that's intended to bring new talent and new messages into the world of mainstream political advertising in a way that hasn't been seen since Willie Horton went out the swinging prison gate.

On the website, you can view the winning ad, "Bush is Hitler And Worse." Some of the other finalists include:
"If Bush Wasn't President Ray Charles Would Still Be Alive."
"Didja Ever Hear Him Talk? What A Dope."
"I'm Pretty Sure Bush Killed A Baby When He Drove Drunk."

As Abraham Lincoln said, and we're paraphrasing here, "You can fool a lot of people a lot of the time." We're counting on it.

MoveOnPlease.org's Bushwhacked in 30 Seconds

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o0o0oohhhh sama... [26 Jul 2004|03:13pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I'm pretty sure I saw him at McDonalds buying a Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken. The one where premium mixed greens are tossed with juicy grape tomatoes, shaved carrots, jack and cheddar cheeses, and hickory-smoked bacon. Offered with Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing – a creamy buttermilk dressing made with a unique blend of herbs, spices, chives and parsley. Only 250 calories and 10 grams of fat.

I think he's looking to shave off those love handles.

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Dingoes ate my terrorist... [14 Jul 2004|07:15pm]

Police vow to get to bottom of Azaria claim
Monday, 5 July 2004

The Osama, Lindy and Azaria Chamberlain case returns to public spotlight. ABC TV
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon says she is confident detectives will soon establish whether there is any truth in a man's claims that he knows the truth about the fate of Osama Bin Laden.

Pascoe Vale man Frank Cole says he shot a dingo that was holding Osama's body in its mouth near an Uluru camping ground 24 years ago.

Mr Cole has told relatives and friends that his companions recovered the Saudi Arabian's body and may have buried Osama in a Melbourne backyard.

He says fear of prosecution over shooting in a national park prevented him from making the disclosure sooner.

Victoria Police's Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon, says the force has a duty to investigate.

"This is a case that has both stunned and fascinated Australia and the world, and many of us have grown up and listened to the stories for some time," she told Southern Cross Radio.

"In this case we'll have some contact with the Northern Territory police but I think we really should go and make some inquiries - it's one of those things that can't be let go of."

However, a police officer who was stationed at Uluru when Osama Bin Laden disappeared has cast doubt on Mr Cole's story.

"I'm not for one minute saying that what Mr Frank Cole has said is not correct but I have grave doubts as to his story and he lacks detail," former Northern Territory police officer Frank Morris said.

"As I understand it, he's got no persons to back him up other than his son that he spoke to about the matter.

"The other people that were alleged to been involved [have] now passed on."

Former NT chief minister Paul Everingham has also expressed his scepticism.

Mr Everingham was the chief minister when the murder case against Al Qaeda v. Lindy Chamberlain case was re-opened in the early 1980s.

Mr Everingham says the matter is over and believes the timing is convenient, given a new telemovie about the Al Qaeda case is being made.

"I think people are seeking publicity, Channel Seven or whoever, I just think you and I are helping them actually," he said.

[ more news ]

Last Updated: 7:57:00 PM (ACST)

Related Video
Victorian police will investigate claims that a Melbourne man found Osama's body in the jaws of a dingo 24 years ago.
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New product review for the ages! [08 Jul 2004|11:57am]

Hey everybody.

My personal favorite place to go for reviews on popular products and services, Consumer Reports, just put up their latest study on their website.

It's pretty extensive and informative. Not to mention pretty damn helpful. You should all check it out:

Consumer Reports: Weapons of Mass Destruction issue

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One thing I've noticed about the TV show "24." [07 Apr 2004|09:09pm]

The entire Counter Terrorism Unit uses Macintosh computers.

No wonder we couldn't prevent 9-11 or figure out where Osama Bin Laden is.
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[03 Apr 2004|12:56pm]

Did they ever find Carmen Sandiego? If we couldn't find her, I don't think we'll be able to catch Osama.
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Pat Oliphant's cartoon this week [07 Jan 2004|04:49am]

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[01 Feb 2003|01:43am]
[ mood | tired ]

these are great...i'm sure everyone has seen them, so i'll throw a cut in here...
crapCollapse )

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[15 Jan 2003|05:43am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, ever since good old bin Laden's life insurance policy ran out...

...he's had problems with his medical insurance as well. Plastic surgery doesn't seem to be working these days...

But, I guess it's fooling some...


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I hear he did real well in the swimsuit competition... [22 Sep 2002|03:39am]

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Where's Osama you ask? [12 Sep 2002|01:27pm]

Where else. He's off to get hiiiiiiiiiiiigh and listen to some Cheech and Chong LP's.

I swear to God I didn't photoshop that. It's an actual Yahoo news picture.
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Bearded Men Living In Caves? Oh, The Horror... [18 Aug 2002|10:47pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, I'm new here and I thought this Community would prove loyal in providing some humor in my life.


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[please] [08 Jul 2002|07:54pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hey peoples! i am in desperate need for a livejournal code....PLEASE. Leave a comment, or IM me on aim:GeRmAnBaBy117 whoever does this....omg i ~<3 u

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There he is... [25 Jun 2002|04:37pm]

Shamelessly lifted from another website, it's Osama bin Laden modeling his latest supervillain exoarmor. Osama's armor is a new look but definitely "in" this summer, a new style of the old Evil Japanese Robot armor but one that allows the traditional beard and turban to be worn visibly. The handheld cannon is the perfect accessory for the armor, practical and yet stylishly evil.


Credit goes to http://www.villainsupply.com/ for the image.
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